Ancient Society of College Youths
Cathedral Church of St Paul
Tuesday, 12 February 2019 in 64m (61–2–2 in B♭)
1299 Stedman Cinques
Composed by M J Cansdale
1 Phillip R J Barnes
2 Martin J Cansdale (C)
3 Jennifer M Herriott
4 Harriet J M A Armitage
5 James H Foster
6 John P W Taylor
7 David Kirkcaldy
8 W Nigel G Herriott
9 Matthew E Rayner
10 Robert C Kippin
11 Stephen A Coaker
12 Robert W Lee
In memory of Graham C Grant, father of Jenny Herriott, and Roger F Overington, member of the St Paul's Cathedral Guild who learnt to handle a bell in this tower.

This performance was rung in memoriamGraham C Grant.