Holy Cross
Sunday, 3 February 2019 (37–1–7 in C)
1260 Grandsire Doubles
1 Hilary C Walls
2 Margaret French
3 Jane Walters
4 Dave Knott
5 Ian Kerwin
6 Perry French (C)
Rung to thank Dave Smith, Verger, for his poem 'Bell Ringers'.
If learning a skill is your thing,
Come join us; take hold of this string.
We’ll give you some hope,
that tugging this rope,
Will cause the old church bells to ring.
We circle together for ringing,
And soon the church bells are singing.
We stand, and we wait.
Then pull the rope straight.
Hold tight, and you could be swinging.
Whenever a peal we are trying,
Ropes, arms and bells they are flying.
It is no mean feat
To keep a good beat.
A wrong ding, ding, dong and we’re crying.
We had some success with our peal.
To Ringers it is a big deal.
Our ding dongs were great;
Crowned Champions, of late.
And then we had drinks and a meal.