Ancient Society of College Youths
St Katharine Cree, Leadenhall Street
Saturday, 9 February 2019 in 3h 14 (9–3–18 in G)
5760 Spliced Surprise Minor (41 Methods)
240 each Bacup, Bamborough, Carlisle, Lightfoot, Rossendale, Warkworth and Westminster; 120 each Allendale, Alnwick, Annable’s London, Berwick, Beverley, Bourne, Cambridge, Canterbury, Chester, Coldstream, Cunecastre, Durham, Hexham, Hull, Ipswich, Kelso, Lincoln, London, Morpeth, Munden, Netherseale, Newcastle, Norfolk, Northumberland, Norwich, Primrose, Sandiacre, Stamford, Surfleet, Wearmouth, Wells, Whitley, Wooler and York; 239 changes of method; all the work.
1 Andrew J Graham (C)
2 Gwen Rogers
3 Philip Rogers
4 Richard B Pullin
5 Luke T W Smith
6 Richard I Allton
1500th peal together: 2,3.