Bath & Wells Diocesan Association
St Lawrence
Thursday, 10 January 2019 in 2h 43 (9–0–7 in G)
5040 Doubles
(7m: 6 exts each Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place, Winchendon Place, St Nicholas, St Simon's, St Martin's, Plain Bob and Grandsire)
1 Frederick J Sage
2 Michael C Hansford (C)
3 Jill M Hansford
4 Abbie C Cook
5 Paul D Forbes-Harper
6 Adrian K Whatmore
1st Peal - 6.
Rung in memory of Peter Willan, former Tower Captain of Lydeard St Lawrence, who instigated the re-hang, in 1982, of the redundant 5, and it's augmentation to 6 by providing the treble bell. He was also heavily involved in the re-hang of the redundant 5 at Broomfield in 1992, the restoration of Bishops Lydeard in 1994, and many other projects around the Taunton Branch. He was the Branch's Bell Fund Officer for many years and raised thousands of pounds for the Association Bell Fund. He was an Honorary Life Member of the Bath and Wells Association, and died on 30th December 2018.
Rung on the middle 6.