Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association
All Saints
Thursday, 3 January 2019 in 26m (5½ in C♯)
720 Let's Ring! Delight Minor
The first true and full extent of 720 changes in method TDMM2338 [56x56.14x56x16x12x16,12] hereby named 'Let's Ring! Delight minor'. Composition: MOO, MOO, MOO
Composed by Ben White-Horne
1 Catherine White-Horne
2 Zoe Bonnett, 14
3 Yuhan Jiang, 16
4 Edward O Miller
5 Ben White-Horne
6 Alistair White-Horne, 16 (C)
Umpire: Andrew A Ward
Average age of the inside ringers: 16 years.
Average 'ringing age' of the band: 2.5 years.
No extra points for working out the firsts: in method for 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 and as conductor for 6.
Go "Let's Ring!"

This performance is linked to the events Let's Ring! — Peals and Quarters and Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association — WUE Branch 2019.

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