Oxford Diocesan Guild
St Mary the Virgin
Saturday, 15 December 2018 in 44m (6–1–14 in B)
1260 Grandsire Triples
1 Rosalind J Garrett-Bowes
2 Alison M Bayley
3 Angela M Darvill
4 Ruth Monks
5 Alison T Merryweather-Clarke (C)
6 Janet Galloway
7 Maryanne Roach
8 Valerie J Simmonds
Celebrating yesterday's centenary of the first UK general election in which women could vote.
Also with best wishes to Doreen Merryweather, who took her first steps around the time women were granted equal voting rights to men, and is currently in hospital struggling to get back on her feet.
60th ladies band QP this year, completing the challenge to ring 60 ladies band QPs with 100 ladies in 2018: 5.

This performance is linked to the event 60QPs/100Ladies 2018.