Salisbury Diocesan Guild
St John the Baptist
Friday, 7 December 2018 (6–0–6 in A)
1260 Doubles
Being 120 Steeple Langford Doubles and 1140 Plain Bob Doubles
1 Vicki Rowse
2 Judith Williamson
3 Andrew Howes (C)
4 Neil Skelton
5 Robert Wellen
The band would like to call this variation rung for the first time Steeple Langford Doubles. It is St Martins with a Reverse Canterbury Bob and an Old Hudibras Single
Earlier in the day a 120 of Salisbury Guild Doubles was rung (A failed Quarter) with the same band
This variation also being rung for the first time. It is St Simons with a Reverse Canterbury Bob an Old Hudibras Single
Malcolm would have been proud of us!
Prior to the quarter peal, Judith Sampson and Edward Fry joined us in ringing to remember Malcoln

This performance is linked to the event Salisbury Diocesan Guild — Malcolm Penney 2018

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