Society of Cambridge Youths
St Mary and St Michael
Sunday, 18 November 2018 in 2h 52 (10–2–22 in G)
5152 Spliced Surprise Major (23m)
224 each Abaia, Basilisk, Cerberus, Djinn, Ettin, Fenrir, Gorgon, Hydra, Incubus, Kraken, Lessness, Marshwiggle, Naiad, Ouroboros, Panserbjørn, Roc, Sphinx, Titan, Ungoliant, Valkyrie, Wyvern, Yeti and Zombie S Major; 157com, atw, eld.
1 Alfred G W Pipe
2 David J Pipe (C)
3 William T Bosworth
4 Elizabeth A Orme
5 Jonathan A Agg
6 Leigh D G Simpson
7 Stephen A Croxall
8 Luke T W Smith
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