Yorkshire Association
St Andrew
Sunday, 11 November 2018 in 120m (15–1–18 in F)
Rounds on Six For 70 Ringers
1 The Crew: Chris Wright, David Pearson, Gill Berry, Theresa Clark, Richard McKnight *, Ed Askew (C)
2 The MiniRinger Team: Emma Bean, Ethan Bean, Karen Brooks, Steve Brooks, Katharine Calvert, Anna Calvert
3 Angela Field, Joshua Field Towers, Angus Firth *, Paula Firth, Ruby Firth, Robert Goodwin
4 David Haston, Noah Haston, Daniel Rees, Steven Rees, Richard Towers
5 The Visitors: Molly Barton, Paul Beswick, Christopher Bradley, Eleanor Bradley, Joanne Bradley
6 Samuel Bradley, Anthony Broster, Esmae Broster, Niki Broster, Les Davy
7 Jane Farnell, Susanna Field Towers, Isla Freeman, Mark Freeman, Molly Freeman
8 Darcey Goodwin, Gemma Harling, Christine Hutchinson, Garry Hutchinson, John Hutchinson
9 Louisa Hutchinson, Matthew Hutchinson, Tom Hutchinson, James Keery, Darren Law
10 Marion Law, Samuel Law, Angus Logan, Jamie Logan, Kathleen Lynch
11 David McCartney, Phillip Midgley, Betty Oxley, Lucy Oxley, Bill Pollard
12 Jan Richardson, David Roberts, Helena Roberts, Juliet Roberts, Alex Swinton
13 Alfie Swinton, Erin Swinton, Frank Swinton, Maggie Tookey, Enid Turnock
14 Chris Wiseman, Jill Wright with some four or five others
"Mark a special day in a special way"
Rung by all who wanted to come, ringing backstrokes only.
* marks Ringing Remembers ringers
About 73 participants in total

This performance is linked to the events Yorkshire Association — November Ringing at Kildwick and Ringing for the Centenary of the WWI Armistice .