Holy Cross
Sunday, 11 November 2018 (14–2–5 in F)
Rounds and Call Changes
Rounds and call changes for Armistice Centenary commemoration ‘Ringing Out for Peace’. Rang before and after 11.00 service half muffled.
1 Ann Blake
2 Jeremy Parnell
3 Steve Johnston
4 Alan Bryer
5 Ruth Beavin (C)
6 Len Murray (TC)
7 Mike Taylor
8 Rachele Taylor
9 Sarah Chard
10 Robbie McGrane
11 Vera Ruyters
Ringers 1 & 2 were participants in the Ringing Remembers campaign who have now become good ringers for our tower. Ringer 10 is a Scout Standard bearer who couldn't ring at his home tower but practices with us when he can. Ringer 11 has only just started but hand-stroked the treble.

This performance is linked to the event Ringing for the Centenary of the WWI Armistice .

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