Bath & Wells Diocesan Association
Holy Cross
Sunday, 11 November 2018 in 20m (14 in F)
1 Sue Keirle
2 Isabelle Bruce/Daisy Lovejoy
3 Laura Bruce
4 Margaret Johnson
5 Les Lang
Commencing at exactly 1230, and with the muffles removed, the first of four learners (Isabelle) rang for a couple of minutes, then each of the other learners (Harvey, Daisy and Laura) also rang individually for a couple of minutes. Following this, three of the learners, Laura, Isabelle and Daisy rang in rounds on five for a few minutes each. For Daisy and Laura this was the first time ringing rounds, and after only 4 lessons, very well done!
Thanks to Margaret Johnson, Sue Keirle, Les Lang, Maurice Hurley and Marie Osborne for their help enabling the learners to ring for this occasion.

This performance is linked to the event Ringing for the Centenary of the WWI Armistice .

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