Durham & Newcastle Diocesan Association
Rothbury (Wrights Square), Northumberland
Thursday, 8 November 2018
108 Plain Bob Minor
1–2 Margaret Heads
3–4 Linda Perkins
5–6 Christopher Teasdale (C)
Rung as a tribute to Captain Thomas Murray a ringer at All Saints, Rothbury who lost his life on 3 July 1916. Thomas along with the other Rothbury ringers learnt to ring changes on handbells prior to learning to ring the newly installed church bells in 1894. The touch was rung on the same handbells used by Thomas Murray having been refurbished in 2017. Like Thomas the ringer of 1/2 Margaret Heads (Margie) is learning to ring changes " in hand " whilst mastering the physical art of tower bell ringing. Margie is to be congratulated on her achievement to date. We are humbled by the opportunity to ring today in memory of Thomas.

This performance is linked to the event Ringing for the Centenary of the WWI Armistice.

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