Hereford Diocesan Guild
St Martin in the Cornmarket
Monday, 8 October 2018 in 38m (6–2–17 in B)
1260 Mixed Doubles (42 M and V)
120's of (1) St Alban, St Paul, St Ambrose, St John the Evangelist, (2) Winthorpe, Saundby, Alice in Wonderland, Will's Revenge, (3) St Jude, St Laurence, St Austell, St Stephen, (4) Southampton, Romsey, Hampshire, Ember, (5) Eynsham, St Leonard, St Ninian, St John the Baptist, (6) St Wilfrid, St Oswald, Sussex, Septuagesima, (7) St Ignatius, Churchill, Amersham, St John the Divine, (8) Winchester, Wykeham, Vectis, Quinquagesima, (9) Elford, Austrey, St Felix, St Wenceslas, (10) St Katherine, St Magnus, Kent, Sexagesima and 60 changes of (11) St Simon's Bob, St Martin's Bob
1 Rhiannon Pugh
2 William M Regan
3 Craig P Homewood
4 Mark Pugh (C)
5 Ashley C Fortey
6 Alice Pugh
A belated birthday compliment to William and first on cover for Alice.
Believed to be the first extent's rung in the variations of; (13 K/C) Alice in Wonderland, (11 K/C) Will's Revenge.