The St Lawrence’s Society of Change Ringers
St Lawrence
Tuesday, 22 December 1863 in 2h 57 (20 cwt)
5040 Grandsire Triples
1 William Johnson
2 James Bowker
3 George Ashmore
4 William Smith
5 James Bruerton (C)
6 Joseph Wilkes
7 William Foster
8 John Cooper

Birmingham Daily Post, Fri. 25 Dec. 1863; also Bell’s Life in London, Sat. 26 Dec. 1863 (From research carried out by John Eisel):

On Tuesday evening eight of the St. Lawrence Society of Change Ringers ascended the tower of that church and accomplished in excellent style a ’true and complete’ peal of grandsire triples in two hours and fifty-seven minutes, consisting of 5,040 changes, containing 182 bobs and 58 singles with the fifth at home every forty-two changes and the sixth and seventh every 420 reversed.