The St Lawrence’s Society of Change Ringers
Darlaston, Staffordshire
At the house of Mr. James Bruerton (during the 1870s James Bruerton was licensee of the Dartmouth Arms, Darlaston.)
Sunday, 19 October 1879 in 56m
1879 Grandsire Triples
Composed by John Carter
1–2 John Tinsley
3–4 William Johnson
5–6 John Carter (C)
7–8 James Bruerton

Dudley Herald, Sat. 25 Oct. 1879 (From research carried out by John Eisel):

On the 19th instant four members of St. Lawrence’s Society Change Ringers met at the house of Mr. James Bruerton and succeeded in ringing in excellent style a true peal of grandsire triples, containing 1879 changes, being the date of the present year, in 56 minutes, the bells being retained in hand. The band were as follows:— John Tinsley, 1st and 2nd; William Johnson, 3rd and 4th; John Carter, 5th and 6th; James Bruerton, 7th and 8th. The above peal is the first that has ever been rung in Darlaston, and was composed and conducted by John Carter, in the presence of Mr. Henry Lawton, Wednesbury, and William Smith, as referees, and a numerous company.