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Wednesday, 26 September 2018 in 44m (8–1–14)
1260 Plain Bob Doubles
1 Martin Slough
2 Moira Hough
3 Nick Elks (C)
4 Heather Dobson
5 Chris J Garner
6 Sue Marsden
In commemoration of Private Thomas Haines, formerly a ringer at this tower, who died of wounds whilst fighting for his country in WW1 100 years ago today
1: first away from cover
HAINES Thomas, Private 326327, 1/1st Battalion, Cambridgeshire Regiment. Died of wounds 26 September 1918. Aged 27. Enlisted Wisbech. Son of Mr. W. Haines and Mrs. A. Haines, of 1, Canal St., Wisbech. Formerly 3580, Cambridgeshire Regiment. Buried in Doingt Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, France. Plot I. Row E. Grave 33.
(attrib. Alan Regin, CCCBR and printed in Ringing World #5602 pp860/861)
Private Thomas Haines, Wisbech,
Peterborough & District. Died 26/09/1918
age 27. Cambridgeshire Regiment 1st/1st Bn.
Service No.326327. Commemorated at Doingt
Communal Cemetery Extension, France,
Grave I E 33. Born 21/06/1891. One of nine
children, six surviving at the 1911 census.
Son of Manning William Haines and Anne
Maria Haines (née Thomas) of 1 Canal Street,
Wisbech. At the time of the 1911 census, he
was working as a baker. He learnt to ring at
Wisbech in 1909 and was a very keen and
enthusiastic ringer. He rang his first peal on
18/10/1911 at York Villa, Wisbech, ringing
the second (only) to a handbell peal of Plain
Bob Minor, conducted by Charles Goakes; it
was the first peal by four of the band and all
rang one bell. He rang the opening touch on
the restored six at Newton-in-the-Isle in May
1912, and he rang his first tower-bell peal there
shortly afterwards, on 26/06/1912; this was the
first peal on the bells. He rang another single
handed handbell peal of Plain Bob Minor on
30/10/1912, and on 31/12/1912, he rang 3 and
4 to a handbell peal, also Plain Bob Minor,
the other four bells being rung by just one
person. On 25/06/1913, another handbell peal
of Plain Bob Minor was rung, but this time
by three ringers, Thomas again ringing 3-4.
On 01/10/1913, the same three ringers rang
a 10,080 of Plain Bob Minor, conducted by
Ralph Narborough. A further 5040 was rung
on handbells on 22/02/1914. All the handbell
peals took place at York Villa, Wisbech, the
home of Ralph Narborough. This final peal
was rung as a farewell to Thomas, who was
leaving Wisbech to work in London. To wish
him well, the Wisbech ringers presented him
with a pendant, shaped as three bells; one
wonders where that is now? He appears to
have rung at Acton while he was in London,
ringing quarter peals of Grandsire Triples there
on 07/06/1914 and on 16/08/1914. He seems
to have returned to Wisbech in order to enlist.
Born: Kings Lynn. Enlisted: Wisbech, initially
with Service No.3580, still Cambridgeshire
Regiment. Resided (1911 census): 11 Canal
Street, Wisbech.