St Martin's Guild
St Martin
Sunday, 29 July 2018 in 3h 42 (39–1–19 in C)
5082 Spliced Maximus (11m)
11 methods: 528 each Beetroot Surprise, Blueberry Surprise, Crimson Surprise, Navy Surprise, Peacock Surprise, Sky Surprise, Strawberry Surprise, Vermilion Surprise, 352 each Cerise Little Surprise, Midnight Alliance, 154 Purple Patch Little Alliance; 120 com; atw; eld.
1 George M Salter
2 Stephanie J Warboys
3 Jack E Page (C)
4 Paul McNutt
5 Lucy A Warren
6 Jack P Gunning
7 Graham M Bradshaw
8 James P Ramsbottom
9 Alistair J Cherry
10 Simon J L Linford
11 Alan G Reading
12 John S Warboys
Beetroot Surprise Maximus: x5Tx16x125Tx16x12.7T.58.36.14x147Tx18x9T.18.90x1T, 1T.
Crimson Surprise Maximus: 34x5T.16x56x36.7Tx12.58.16x9T.70.18x18.9Tx18xET, 1T.
Purple Patch Little Alliance Maximus: x34x1T. 56.1T.56, 1T
The oldest Bellhanging Company in the UK combining Modern Technology with Traditional Craftsmanship