Stanford Dingley, Berkshire
St Denys
Tuesday, 10 July 2018 in 43m (6–0–15 in B♭)
1296 Treble Bob Minimus (4m)
Tulkinghorn Treble Bob, Pickwick Treble Bob, Wegg Treble Bob, Dodger Treble Bob
1 Ken Waller
2 Joanne A Waller (C)
3 Ben Waller
4 Carol Waller
Believe to contain the first courses in the following methods:
Pickwick Treble Bob: xxx14.12xx34 le 14 (342)
Wegg Treble Bob: xxx14.12.12x34 le 14 (342)
Dodger Treble Bob: xxx14. le 14 (342)