Guild of St CuileƔin
Orwell, Cambridgeshire
59 Town Green Rd
Saturday, 2 June 2018 in 2h 59 (14 in D)
5016 Spliced Maximus (10 Methods)
1056 Gluon Little Alliance, 576 each Top Little Hybrid, Strange Differential, Plain Bob, 480 each Up Differential Little Hybrid, Down Differential Little Hybrid, 432 Lepton Little Bob, 336 Charm Differential Little Hybrid, 264 Baryon, 240 Meson Differential Little Hybrid; 215 com, atw
1–2 Jack E Page
3–4 David J Pipe (C)
5–6 William T Bosworth
7–8 Simon C Melen
9–10 Elizabeth A Orme
11–12 Jonathan A Agg
First spliced Maximus in hand: 5-6
First particles in hand: 7-8
Tremendous effort from all and a fantastic result
Home of the world's finest bells