Ancient Society of College Youths
City of London
St Mary le Bow, Cheapside
Wednesday, 2 May 2018 in 3h.42 (41–3–21 in C)
5040 Bristol Surprise Maximus
Composed by D G Hull
1 James H Foster
2 David J Dearnley
3 Martin J Cansdale
4 Graham M Bradshaw
5 Thomas F Lawrance
6 David E House (C)
7 Paul N Mounsey
8 James C Marchbank
9 Henry D Coggill
10 Leigh D G Simpson
11 Stephen A Coaker
12 Simon S Meyer
700th peal as conductor.
Arranged and rung to mark the marriage, on 3 May, of Arthur Coggill and Anita Rao.
Home of the world's finest bells