SS Mary and Eanswythe
Sunday, 10 December 1815 (Unknown)
5040 Plain Bob Major
1 William Keeler (Elham)
2 Henry Down (Hythe)
3 William Stokes (Lympne)
4 William Greenstead (St Alphege, Canterbury) (C)
5 George Francis (Holy Cross, Canterbury)
6 Edward Pemble (Lyminge)
7 John Arnold (Lyminge)
8 Anthony Newman (Folkestone)
Kentish Gazette - Tuesday 12 December 1815:
Although eight bells were bung in the steeple of St. Mary Eanswith, Folkestone, to long since as 1778, it was not till Sunday last that a complete peal of 5040 Bob Major was rung on them; this was done by ringers seven different parishes, conducted by Wm Greenstead, and brought round in three hours and twelve minutes, with the greatest satisfaction.
Wm. Keeler, treble Elham
Henry Down, 2 Hythe
Wm. Stokes, 3 Lympne
Wm Greenstead, 4 St Alphage Canterbury
George Francis, 5 Westgate, ditto
Edward Pemble, 6 Lyminge
J. Arnold, 7 Ditto
Ant. Newman tenor Folkestone.