St Mary of Charity
Tuesday, 4 February 1777 in 3h 15 (18 cwt approx)
5040 Plain Bob Major
1 Thomas Epps
2 Robert White
3 Thomas Barnes
4 William Jekin
5 William Sutton
6 John Fox
7 John Jancock
8 William Carter
Kentish Gazette - Saturday 08 February 1777:
On Tuesday last the 4th instant was rung at Faversham, 5040 changes of Bob Major, in three hours fifteen minutes by the following persons, all inhabitants, who never attempted to ring this peal before (one man only excepted) being the first time it was ever performed by Faversham men, viz.
Thomas Epps Treble
Robert White
Thomas Barnes
William Jekin
William Sutton
John Fox
John Jancock
William Carter Tenor