Ancient Society of College Youths
St Anne
Tuesday, 10 April 2018 in 2h 52 (12–3–25 in E)
5080 Spliced Surprise Royal (8m)
680 Bristol, London No3; 640 Cambridge, Pudsey; 560 Lincolnshire, Yorkshire; 720 Rutland; 600 Superlative No2; 119 com, atw
Composed by R C Kippin
1 Susan L Apter
2 Phillip R J Barnes
3 Peter G C Ellis
4 Gwen Rogers
5 David E House
6 John B Keeler
7 Graham M Bradshaw
8 Graham G Firman
9 Philip Rogers (C)
10 Paul N Mounsey
300th peal with the Society 1. 200th together 1 and 9.
In memory of Stanley Ruddlesden, elected to the Society in 1982, who died on 20th March.

This performance was rung in memoriamStanley M Ruddlesden.

Church Bellhangers of Distinction