Non Association
St Mary
Monday, 9 April 2018 in 2h 55 (8–3–17 in A)
5152 Semicentennial Delight Major
Composed by M Maughan
1 Barry R M Johnson
2 Brian G Meads
3 Vicky Le Fèvre
4 James E Benner
5 Alistair M Donaldson
6 Peter V Rogers
7 Michael Maughan (C)
8 P Barry Jones
Specially arranged and rung to mark the 50th anniversary of Alistair's first peal.
First peal 9/4/1968 conducted by treble;peals in Essex represented by 2,3; peals in Lincolnshire represented by 4 and 8;peals in Cambridgeshire represented by 6; 147th peal conducted by 7 with Alistair in the band; Alistair's 259th peal.
First peal in the method:
-38-14.56.12-16-34-18-1256-78 le12 d