St Cyr
Thursday, 29 March 2018 in 42m (9–3–20 in G)
1320 Cambridge Surprise Minor
1 John Cornock
2 Poppy Bulteel
3 Philip J Joynson
4 Andrew A Ward
5 Philip F Pope
6 James M Joynson (C)
Specially arranged and rung in affectionate memory of Keith W Scudamore by members of the Wotton Branch.
Stinchcombe Bells were rehung for full circle ringing following a Consistory Court hearing in November 1969. The Incumbent and P.C.C. wanted to hang the bells "dead" and chimed electronically. The G&B wanted the bells hung for full circle ringing. The G&B Officers; E Mary Bliss, William F Scudamore (Keith's father) and Charles Rouse did everything possible to ensure the bells were hung and rung traditionally.
The Consistory Court's decision was that the should be rehung traditionally but with an electronic chiming apparatus too.
The bells were subsequently rehung for traditional ringing and much work was completed by volunteer labour which included Keith and his father.
On the evening of the re-dedication service, the electronic chiming apparatus was struck by lightning! It was very rarely used, usually only to demonstrate the apparatus to ringers. It disappeared when the current ringing floor was constructed in the 2010's.
Keith subsequently rang in the first peal on the bells on 30 November 1991:
Gloucester & Bristol D.A.
Stinchcombe, Glos, St Cyr
Tuesday November 30, in 2 hrs. 39mins.
5040 Doubles
In 7 methods, comprising 6 extents each of Reverse Canterbury, St Nicholas, Winchendon Place, Plain Bob, St Simon's, St Martin's and Grandsire Doubles.
Tenor 9cwt
1. Graham G.C. Minors
2. E. Mary Bliss
3. Henry Taysom
4. Keith W. Scudamore
5. William F. Scudamore
6. Ian Sykes*
Conducted by William F. Scudamore
* First Peal. First peal on the newly restored peal of bells which were the subject of a Consistory Court Hearing in the Diocese of Gloucester, November 1969.
(From G&B Annual Report for 1971)

This performance is linked to the event Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association — WUE Branch 2018

This performance was rung In memoriam — Keith W Scudamore and In memoriam — Keith W Scudamore

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