Oxford Society
Carfax Tower
Thursday, 8 March 2018 in 46m (15–0–22 in F)
1330 Spliced Minor (9m)
610 Berwick S, Hexham S, Millennial A, Primrose S; 720 Bourne S, Cambridge S, Hull S, Ipswich S, Norfolk S, Primrose S.
1 Helen V Bond
2 Elizabeth C Frye
3 Katherine A Stonham
4 Joanna E Knight
5 Mark D Tarrant
6 Simon A Bond (C)
By a band of 30 year olds placed in age order.
First as a 30 year old: 1.
Probably last as a 30 year old: 6.
Most minor methods: 2.
Millennial A: -3-4-2-3-4.5 le 16
Church Bellhangers of Distinction