Peterborough Diocesan Guild
St John the Evangelist
Thursday, 15 February 2018 in 2h 35 (7–0–26 in B♭)
5040 Surprise Minor
7m: 1 extent each London, Wells, Surfleet, Beverley, Cambridge, Primrose and Norwich.
1 Celia J K Wood
2 Richard W Yates
3 Paul M Mason
4 Murray A Coleman
5 A John Stanworth
6 Richard I Allton (C)
100th peal & 50th for the Guild: 5. A compliment to Rudy and Becky Beezhold on the birth of a daughter, Martha Kathryn, born earlier today. Also 65th birthday compliments to Anne Wood (today), mother of Celia, and Richard Stanworth (yesterday), father of John.