Ancient Society of College Youths
City of London
St Michael, Cornhill
Saturday, 10 February 2018 in 3h 30 (32ā€“1ā€“6 in Dā™­)
5016 Spliced Maximus (6m)
1056 Ariel, Phobos, Zanussi S, 880 Maypole A, 792 Deimos A, 88 Slinky Differential LTP, 109 com, atw
Composed by D J Pipe
1 Ryan S Noble
2 Martin J Cansdale
3 Tessa K Simpson
4 Graham G Firman
5 Robert W Lee (C)
6 Thomas F Lawrance
7 James J Watkins
8 Graham M Bradshaw
9 Andrew M Hills
10 James C Marchbank
11 Leigh D G Simpson
12 Andrew P F Bradford
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