Suffolk Guild
St Botolph
Monday, 5 February 2018 in 2h 37 (8 in A)
5040 Minor
(11 m: (1) Double Oxford B, St Clement's College B; (2) Beverley S, Mason TP, IWD's Bus Pass TP, Surfleet, Brian's Bullocks TP, Why are there no aspirins in the jungle? Because the paracetamol TP; (3) Cambridge S, Eagle TP, (4,7) Plain B, (5) St Clement's College B, (6) Cambridge S) Mason Treble Place: X1236X14X12X36.14X34.56-12 Brian's Bullocks Treble Place: X1236X14X12X36.14X12.56-12
1 Stephen D Pettman (C)
2 Christine A Knight
3 Michael J Cowling
4 P Mark Ogden
5 Richard J Munnings
6 Brian E Whiting
11th birthday compliment to Mason Crane, son of fifth ringer.
Also to celebrate the conductor's 50 years of ringing, learning at this tower in January 1968.
Home of the world's finest bells