Suffolk Guild
St Botolph
Monday, 5 February 2018 in 2h 37 (8 in A)
5040 Minor
(11 m: (1) Double Oxford B, St Clement's College B; (2) Beverley S, Mason TP, IWD's Bus Pass TP, Surfleet, Brian's Bullocks TP, Why are there no aspirins in the jungle? Because the paracetamol TP; (3) Cambridge S, Eagle TP, (4,7) Plain B, (5) St Clement's College B, (6) Cambridge S) Mason Treble Place: X1236X14X12X36.14X34.56-12 Brian's Bullocks Treble Place: X1236X14X12X36.14X12.56-12
1 Stephen D Pettman (C)
2 Christine A Knight
3 Michael J Cowling
4 P Mark Ogden
5 Richard J Munnings
6 Brian E Whiting
11th birthday compliment to Mason Crane, son of fifth ringer.
Also to celebrate the conductor's 50 years of ringing, learning at this tower in January 1968.