Stanford Dingley, Berkshire
St Denys
Thursday, 11 January 2018 in 43m (6–0–15 in B♭)
1296 Treble Bob Minimus (8m)
Newbold Pacey Treble Bob, Bolnhurst Treble Bob, Kemp Town Treble Bob, Ashow Treble Bob, Spetchley Treble Bob, Waresley Treble Bob, Reverse Shipton Gorge Treble Bob, Draughton Treble Bob
1 Carol Waller
2 Joanne A Waller
3 Ken Waller
4 Ben Waller (C)
Methods named:
Newbold Pacey Treble Bob: 34.34x14xxx34 le 12 (423)
Bolnhurst Treble Bob: 34.34x14xx12.34 le 12 (423)
Kemp Town Treble Bob: 34.34x14x12x34 le 12 (423)
Ashow Treble Bob: 34.34x14x12.12.34 le 12 (423)
Spetchley Treble Bob: 34.34x14.12xx34 le 12 (423)
Waresley Treble Bob: 34.34x14.12x12.34 le 12 (423)
Draughton Treble Bob: 34.34x14. le 12 (423)
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