Lincoln Diocesan Guild
Harrington, Lincolnshire
St Mary
Saturday, 14 October 2017 in 40 mins (2–3–17)
1260 Plain Bob Singles
1 Janet Crafer
2 Yvonne A Woodcock
3 Christopher C P Woodcock (C)
Withdrawn from the Eastern Branch quarter peal week by the Conductor, even though it was rung in good faith - it certainly was not rung to cause offence or trouble!
Rung by supporters of the Eastern Branch during (not for) the Eastern Branch quarter peal week.
Rung to mark the 125th anniversary of the death of Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Poet Laureate, who died on 6th October 1892. Tennyson was born at neighbouring Somersby here in the Lincolnshire Wolds in 1809 and lived at Somersby Rectory until 1837.
It is thought that during his early years of living at Somersby he was inspired by the sound of Church bells which he could hear from his home in Somersby, being Hagworthingham 2 miles away (became 8 in 1824), Harrington 1.5 miles away (3 bells cast in 1814), Langton-by-Partney 3 miles away (6 bells cast in 1825) & South Ormsby 2.5 miles away (became 5 in 1757), which resulted in him writing ‘Ring Out Wild Bells’ which is part of ‘In Memoriam’ which he started in 1834 whilst at Somersby.
He also wrote ‘Come into the Garden, Maude’ which is based on Harrington Hall Gardens and the owner’s daughter at the time, Miss Charlotte Rosa Baring.
The treble ringer worked here at Harrington Hall as a gardener between 1999 & 2008 and was here when the bells were rehung for the Millennium, however this is the first time she has had the chance to ring Harrington bells.
Tennyson Quarter Peal Tour No. 1 of 3.
Come into the Garden, Maude - by Alfred, Lord Tennyson:
Ring Out, Wild Bells - by Alfred, Lord Tennyson:

This performance is linked to the event Coningsby & Friends (Lincoln Diocesan Guild) — 125th Anniversary of the death of Alfred Lord Tennyson.