The City of Lincoln Company of Civic Bell Ringers
Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Parish and Civic Church of St Mary-le-Wigford
Saturday, 2 December 2017 in 43m (6–1–17)
1272 Single Court Place Minimus (2nd As Treble)
(being 53 extents - with the second as the treble.)
1 Jean Williams
2–3 Christopher C P Woodcock (C)
4 Yvonne A Woodcock
Rung with the bells half muffled in memory of the following nineteen Lincoln men killed in the Great War during December 1917. Specially rung to commemorate the centenary of their deaths, We will remember them.
ERNEST CARTER, Private 18955, 2nd Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment. Killed in action 1st December 1917, aged 24.
CHARLES SEPTIMUS ROBERTS, Private 241561, 2nd/5th Battalion, Gloucestershire Regiment. Died 2nd December 1917, aged 29.
PRESTON EDWARD SMITH, Private G/66012, 2nd Battalion, Royal Fusiliers. Died 2nd December 1917.
CHARLES CECIL CLARK, Private G/68934, 2nd Battalion, Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment). Killed in action 3rd December 1917, aged 38.
G. BARBER, Gunner 162427, 135th Heavy Bty, Royal Garrison Artillery. Died 3rd December 1917, aged 26.
ARTHUR WILLIAM HULLETT, Sergeant 46671, 175th Company, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry). Killed in action 9th December 1917, aged 18.
HENRY BRADWELL DOLBY, Private G/28101, 25th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment). Died in East Africa 10th December 1917.
WILLIAM REGINALD MEAD, Sergeant 200998, 2nd/4th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment. Died 10th December 1917, aged 24.
T. WRIGHT, Private 13607, 1st Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment. Died 12th December 1917.
J. E. MARRIS, Sapper 154338, 205th Field Company, Royal Engineers. Died 14th December 1917.
ARTHUR SAUNDERS, Private 200334, 1st/4th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment. Died 15th December 1917, aged 20.
JOHN WILLIAM McCOIG, Private 201396, 2nd/5th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment. Killed in action 18th December 1917.
JOHN WILLIAM COOK, Corporal 40047, Royal Flying Corps. Died 19th December 1917, aged 35.
JOSEPH [AARON] PRICE, Private 11516, 8th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment. Died of wounds 21st December 1917, aged 33.
JOHN BEAKER BATT, Ordinary Telegraphist P/JX40744, H.M.S. Torrent, Royal Navy. Died 23rd December 1917, aged 19.
JAMES HENRY BROWN, Stoker 1st Class 298461, H.M.S. Torrent, Royal Navy. Died 23rd December 1917, aged 37.
FREDERICK HERBERT WHITBREAD, Private 242399, 1st/5th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment. Killed in action 25th December 1917, aged 22.
ERNEST ORMSBY, Private 18724, 7th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment. Died 28th December 1917.
LEONARD REEVE BEECHEY, Rifleman 593763, 18th (County of London) Battalion, London Regiment (London Irish Rifles). Died of wounds 29th December 1917, aged 36.
When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say, For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today.
Honourable age does not depend on length of days, nor is the number of years a true measure of life.
This quarter especially remembers Leonard Reeve Beechey. He was one of eight brothers from the same family who went off to fight in the Great War and was the last of five to be killed, with only three returning home, one being crippled. Leonard was gassed and wounded at Bourlon Wood and died of his wounds on 29th December 1917, aged 36. His last words written in spidery handwriting from his deathbed in a French hospital were “My darling mother, don’t feel like doing much yet. Lots of love, Len.”
Amy Beechey their mother was presented to King George V and honoured by the King and Queen for her immense sacrifice, "It was no sacrifice, Ma'am," she told Queen Mary. "I did not give them willingly."
They are all commemorated on the City War Memorial on the High Street.
The forty-first of the monthly Great War Commemoration Quarters in Lincoln.
300th quarter on the bells: 2-3.
(Rung also for the Lincoln Diocesan Guild)

This performance is linked to the event The City of Lincoln Company of Civic Bell Ringers — Lincoln Remembers (WW1 commemorations).