Our Lady and St Nicholas, Pier Head
Thursday, 17 December 1874 in 3h 20 (41–0–14 in B♭)
5000 Kent Treble Bob Royal
J Heron
1 J Heron (C)
2 G Helby
3 A Heron
4 J Egerton
5 W Woodhead
6 I Meadows
7 H Brooks
8 W Bastow
9 W Burkinshaw
10 W Gill
Bell's Life in London 26 Dec 1874 p6 col6

The peal speed seems to suggest this was rung on the front 10. Furthermore, there are contemporary references to the front 8 and 10:being rung to performances at this tower. Also, there is a reference to the ‘poor go’ of the tenors and peals here often had two ringers for 11 and 12.

The sources need to be found.

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