North American Guild
Toronto, Ontario
Cathedral Church of St James
Sunday, 3 September 2017 (21–2–10 in D)
1311 Stedman Cinques
1 Rosemary Duke
2 Quilla Roth
3 Susan M O'Neill
4 Meredith A Morris *
5 Elaine C Gosden
6 John G Pusey
7 Pauline Smith *
8 Mark Gosden
9 Graham A Duke (C)
10 Michael Hinton
11 David Wilcox
12 Robin E C Clarke
* first Stedman Cinques 4 and 7
Rung during the North American Guild's AGM weekend.
Rung in memory of Ruth Smith, a founding member of St. James Cathedral Guild, who passed away June 23, 2017. Ruth had requested a quarter of Stedman and the band was happy to oblige.