Peterborough Diocesan Guild
St Nicholas
Tuesday, 1 January 2002 in 2h 56 (10–0–14 in G)
5040 Doubles
(24m: (1-6) 720 Marston Trussell P; (7-12) 720 Caldecote B; (13-16) St Simon's B, St Martin's B, St Osmund B, Eynesbury B; (17-32) St Nicholas B, Winchendon P, St Remigius B, Huntley P, Westminster II B, Blackburn P, St Hilary B, Dragon P; (33) New B, Itchingfield SC; (34) Huntspill B, Oakley SC; (35) St Vedast B, Chipstead SC; (36) Blaisdon B; (37,38) Plain B; (39,40) Reverse Canterbury Pleasure P; (41,42) Shipway P)
Composed by Paul M Mason (720s)
1 Geoffrey D Armitage
2 Sally A Mason
3 Victoria Samson
4 Paul M Mason (C)
5 Michael D Fiander
A compliment to the treble ringer on his birthday, and for the New Year.
Marston Trussell Place Doubles:
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