Leicester Diocesan Guild
Oaks in Charnwood, Leicestershire
St James Greater
Monday, 7 August 2017 in 2h 43m (10–1–12 in A♭)
5024 Spliced Surprise Major
8 Methods:- 736 London; 640 each Cambridge, Pudsey, Superlative; 608 each Bristol, Rutland; 576 each Lincolnshire, Yorkshire. 132 com, atw.
Composed by N R Aspland
1 Sally A Brown
2 Brenda Parr
3 Richard Bimson
4 Richard C L Brown
5 Andrew A Ward
6 Andrew D Higson
7 Nicholas J Parr
8 R Philip Graves (C)
Rung in memoriam Robert C Graves, former Tower Captain of the Oaks for over 30 years, who also rang 140 peals on these bells. The band would like to associate this peal with Robert Marchbank who rang in the first attempt, where the 6th rope did not remain in one piece for the required amount of time.