Stanford Dingley, Berkshire
St Denys
Tuesday, 11 July 2017 in 41m (6–0–15 in B♭)
1296 Treble Place Minimus (12m)
Melchbourne Treble Place, Thorpe Achurch Treble Place, Pitton Treble Place, Lutton Treble Place, Ashby St. Ledgers Treble Place, Church Stowe Treble Place, Edgcote Treble Place, Barby Treble Place, Charwelton Treble Place, Yarwell Treble Place, Ufford Treble Place, Fawsley Treble Place
1 Carol Waller
2 Ken Waller
3 Ben Waller (C)
4 Joanne A Waller
Methods officially named:
Melchbourne Treble Place: x34x14x34x34 le 12 (342)
Thorpe Achurch Treble Place: x34x14x34.12.34 le 12 (342)
Pilton Treble Place: x34x14.12.34x34 le 12 (342)
Lutton Treble Place: x34x14. le 12 (342)
Ashby St. Ledgers Treble Place: le 12 (342)
Church Stowe Treble Place: le 12 (342)
Edgcote Treble Place: le 12 (342)
Barby Treble Place: le 12 (342)
Charwelton Treble Place: xxx14x34x34 le 12 (423)
Yarwell Treble Place: xxx14x34.12.34 le 12 (423)
Ufford Treble Place: xxx14.12.34x34 le 12 (423)
Fawsley Treble Place: xxx14. le 12 (423)
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