Ancient Society of College Youths
Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Saturday, 8 April 2017 in 3h 22 (23–3–13 in D)
5042 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
Composed by John R Ketteringham (no 40)
1 Christopher CP Woodcock (C)
2 Judith M Rogers
3 Benjamin J Meyer
4 Peter C Randall
5 Alistair J Cherry
6 David I Braunton
7 Philip R Wild
8 Philip R Grover
9 James F Thorpe
10 Christopher P Turner
11 Keith W Brown
12 Andrew I Blacklock
First Surprise Maximus as cond. First Cambridge Maximus 7.
Rung as a compliment to Lincolnshire lad Rob Lee becoming Master of the College Youths, by a band predominantly made up of College Youths currently, or recently, based in Lincolnshire.
Home of the world's finest bells