Saint Andrew's and All Saints Society
Martin-by-Timberland, Lincolnshire
Holy Trinity
Monday, 20 March 2017 (9–1–9)
1 Hour and 30 Mins Call Changes, Plain Bob Doubles and Minor
(General Ringing on six bells, including; Rounds & Call Changes, Plain Bob Doubles & Minor.)
1 Christopher Woodcock (C)
2 Janet Risdale
3 Tess Rowland
4 Paul Sharp
5 Bob Hardwick
6 Yvonne Woodcock
7 Janet Crafer
8 Anne Hardwick
9 Luke Busby-Smith
10 Toby Bere (aged 11)
11 Monty Bere (aged 9)
12 Joan Simpson
Practice Night rung to celebrate the 100th birthday of Dame Vera Lynn. The final touch of the night was 100 changes of Plain Bob Doubles. Congratulations to Luke on ringing his first blows inside to Plain Bob Doubles.