The Clunbury Clangers
Clungunford, Shropshire
St Cuthbert
Wednesday, 15 March 2017 (7½ in A♯)
1296 Spliced Surprise Minor (12m)
216 Netherseale; 144 Annable's London, Lightfoot, Stamford, Westminster; 72 Allendale, Bacup, Bamborough, Norwich, Rossendale, Warkworth, Wearmouth.
1 Roger Webb
2 Helen Sharpe
3 Ruth Holmes
4 Alex Sharpe
5 Tony Greatrex
6 Lynn Scales (C)
AT LAST! After numerous attempts the Clangers have finally rung this QP. It is believed that this composition has been rung in its entirety for the first time, although the first part and much of the second have been rung numerous times already. Rung on a Clunbury Clangers day out - we don't get out much...