Oxford University Society
Cathedral Church of Christ
Sunday, 5 February 2017 in 54m (31–0–23 in D)
1344 Bristol Surprise Maximus
Composed by K A Stonham
1 Michael A Williams
2 Harriet J M A Armitage
3 James C Marchbank
4 D Robert C Sworder
5 N Simon D Roberts
6 S L Catrin Morgan
7 Cameron A Waters
8 James R A Dann
9 J James G Morgan
10 Luke O Camden
11 Simon A Bond (C)
12 Michael O'Hagan
On Society Dinner Weekend.
First in method: 2.
First with place bells 4, 0, 9 & 3: 6.
Can still ring big bells (take note, Glint): 12.

This performance is linked to the events Oxford University Society — Annual Dinner Weekend and Oxford University Society — Quarter Peals rung in Hilary Term 2017.

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