Ancient Society of College Youths
Alexandria, Virginia
Virginia Theological Seminary, Immanuel Chapel
Sunday, 15 May 2016 in 2h52 (10–3–14 in G)
5152 Spliced Surprise Major (4 Methods)
1,568 London, 1,344 Cambridge and 1,120 each Bristol and Yorkshire, with 112 changes of method and all the work of every method for every bell.
Composed by Donald F Morrison (no. 7438)
1 Robert Bannister
2 Susan M O'Neill
3 Quilla Roth
4 Beth Sinclair
5 Alexander T Taft III
6 Frederick DuPuy
7 Robert G Gibson
8 Andrew B Mills (C)
For the Day of Pentecost.
First peal of major on the bells.
Believed to be the first peal of 4-spliced surprise major in these methods.
In memory of Tony Clayton and Denis Frith, both sadly passed away this week. Ringers of 2 and 8 were closely associated and have fond memories of times together.