St Andrew's
Monday, 2 November 2015 (13 cwt)
1 Hour and 30 Mins General Ringing on Six
(including Rounds & Call Changes, Plain Hunt, Plain Bob Doubles & Plain Bob Minor.)
1 Janet Crafer
2 Janet Risdale
3 Christopher Woodcock
4 Yvonne Woodcock
5 Tess Rowlands
6 Bob Hardwick
7 Anne Hardwick
8 Edd Purkiss
Practice Night rung with the bells half muffled on All Souls Day in special memory of local ringer Gerald Mason who passed away on 17th October 2015, Joan Skinner Gerald's Sister who passed away on 23rd October 2015 and Bill Brown the oldest Timberland resident who passed away on 4th October 2015 aged 103 (he would have been 104 on 19th November). Also remembering local ringer Peter Mason who was Gerald's Brother who died in 1997.