The Ascension, Bitterne Park
Saturday, 31 August 2013 in 2h 59 (8–1–13)
5012 Spliced Maximus (4 Methods)
1892 Draco A, 1824 Fallen Angel S, 768 Littleport L S, 528 Cyclone S, 92 com (atw apart from Littleport).
1 Lizzie J Hough
2 Katharine J Firman
3 Tessa K Beadman
4 Adam A Brady
5 Jonathan H Potter
6 Graham G Firman
7 Leigh D G Simpson
8 Jonathan A Agg
9 Alan G Reading (C)
10 Benjamin J Carey
11 Edward P D Colliss
12 Ian R Fielding
Believed to be first peal of maximus including all 384 8-bell runs at the front or back not involving the treble.
New Methods:
Draco A: d2 -4-
Fallen Angel S: f -5-4.5-5.36.4-4.3.2-6.7.8-8.9-8-9.lh.2
Cyclone S: 2z -5-4.5-5.36-4-58-4-70-4-
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