Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association
St John the Baptist
Sunday, 10 February 2013 in 3h 27 (19–1–6)
5280 Avalon Delight Maximus
1 Christine Andrew
2 Gabrielle L Cowcill
3 Andrea B Beaumont
4 Rebecca J Cox
5 Alan G Reading
6 Anthony C F Perry
7 Katharine A Hill
8 Anthony J Cox (C)
9 Joseph St J Beaumont
10 Matthew D Dawson
11 Edward P D Colliss
12 Ian R Fielding
First peal in the method
Avalon Delight Maximus
-5T-14.5T-5T.30.14-70.1T.36-9T.30.18-18.9T-18-1T-18-9T.18-38.1470.9T.16.9T.58.14.7T.14.369T.50-5T.14-5T- le 1T 134567890ET2
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