Durham University Society of Change Ringers
St Mary
Tuesday, 23 June 2009 in 2h 49 (6 cwt)
5088 Spliced Surprise Major (7m)
960 Rutland, 768 Superlative and 672 each Bristol, Cambridge, Lincolnshire, Pudsey and Yorkshire, 69 com.
P G K Davies and D F Morrison (no. 76)
1 Robert V Criddle (Grey)
2 Sarah E Chadburn (St Chad's)
3 Katherine A Stonham (St John's)
4 Joanna C Franklin (Trevelyan)
5 Ellen P Dew (Hatfield)
6 Andrew G Enzor (SS Hild and Bede)
7 Stephen A Croxall (St Cuthbert's) (C)
8 Matthew J Jones (St Chad's)
First Spliced: 3.
Most Spliced: 2, 4 and 6.
First looking himself in the face: 8.
Rung by a resident band in celebration of the graduation of Katherine Stonham, Sarah Chadburn and Kathryn Nye.
To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Durham University Society of Change Ringers.