St Luke
Monday, 5 December 2011 in 45m (14)
1282 Xmas Green Delight Major
PN = x38x14x58x16x14x18.34.56x58LH12 Group C, fch = BGace
1 Matthew D Hardy
2 Wendy Daw
3 David C H Simpson
4 John W Pollard
5 Helen Brown
6 John P Burton
7 Raymond H Daw (C)
8 Ken Brown
Believed to be the 1st time this method has been rung to a Qtr Peal. We would like to call it "Xmas Green Delight Major" - a seasonal gesture.
This is the 57th method in our Green series.
Completes 2nd alphabet of Green Delight Major; 7
Compliment to Melanie Curwen (ringer in Macclesfield & daughter of Ray & Wendy) on her birthday today.