St Mary and St Michael
Sunday, 12 August 2012 in 39m (10¾)
1260 Doubles (11 methods)
120 each; Huntley Place, St Remigious, Winchendon Place, St Nicholas, Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place, Eynesbury, St Osmund, St Martin's, St Simon's, Plain Bob & 60 of Grandsire
1 Martin C Jones
2 Vicky De-Vries
3 Anne R Bray
4 Paul A J Bray
5 Ian J Culham (C)
6 Philip G Erith
Congratulations to newlyweds Mr & Mrs R. Munnings & To Mark the birth of Beatrice Mackridge, Daugater to Katherine Browning & Adam Magrridge.
Also to celebrate the very successful London 2012 Olympic Games.
Most methods 2,5