Willingham, Cambridgeshire
53 Covent Garden
Saturday, 6 June 2009 in 21h 24 (7 in D)
64800 Treble Dodging Minor (90 Methods)
1 extent each: London Scholars' Pleasure TB, Sandal TB, Norfolk S, Clarence D, London Victory D, Hull S, Waltham D, Berwick S, Hexham S, Primrose S, Humber D, Merton D, Rossendale S, Stamford S, Braintree D, Annable's London S, Conway D, Ludlow D, Snowdon TB, Killamarsh TB, Carisbrooke D, Wath D, Bacup S, Charlwood D, Wragby D, St Albans D, Neasden D, Waterford TB, Edinburgh D, Kentish D, Oswald D, Chiltern TB, Bucknall D, Castleton D, Cotswold TB, Canterbury D, Southwark D, London S, Wells S, Tintern D, Alnwick S, Newcastle S, Burnaby D, York S, Durham S, Caernarvon D, Warwick D, Rochester TB, Taxal D, Bedford D, Lightfoot S, Wearmouth S, Oxford TB, Kent TB, Warkworth S, Norwich S, Cheviot TB, Stirling D, Norton-le-Moors TB, Pennine TB, Mendip TB, Chelsea D, Abbeyville D, Cunecastre S, Coldstream S, Lincoln S, Kelso S, Francis Genius D, Chadkirk TB, Ely D, British Scholars' Pleasure TB, Dunedin D, Northumberland S, Fountains D, Tewkesbury D, Sandiacre S, Glastonbury D, Ipswich S, Elston D, Kirkstall D, Bourne S, Burslem D, Quantock TB, Trinity Sunday TB, Donottar D, Pontefract D, Berwyn TB, Evening Star D, Morning Star TB, Disley D
1–2 Philip J Earis
3–4 Andrew J W Tibbetts
5–6 David J Pipe
Jointly conducted - bell running out called bob.
The second longest peal yet rung. Stopped early owing to general indisposition and there still being 'quite a long way to go'.