Society of Royal Cumberland Youths
Westminster, Greater London
Liberties of St Martin-in-the-Fields
Tuesday, 31 December 2002 in 3h 27m (29 cwt)
5040 Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
Composed by F T Blagrove
1 Rosemary J Duke
2 E Jane Sibson
3 Simon J Davies
4 Christine M Carter
5 Stephanie J Pattenden
6 Paul A Cammiade
7 Peter M Fleckney
8 Ian G Campbell
9 Graham A Duke (C)
10 Derek E Sibson
11 Stanley Jenner
12 Alan Regin
1000th peal: 9 100th peal on 12: 1 Specially arranged on the 25th Wedding Anniversary of the ringers of 1 and 9
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